In order to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency we ensure continuous improvements in the employee knowledge base and client satisfaction through a comprehensive training schedule maintained for each employee.


We have regular professional development programs for our employee’s to enhance not only their professional skills but also their interpersonal skills. We provide them an environment to grow and enhance their skills. With the rapid changing environment the employees are exposed to the latest technology in terms of software and hardware. We have a vast library which is equipped with latest research material and journals/reading material.

An employee’s efforts cannot be matched just with mere compensation but you need to respect, recognize and reward his contributions in the organization. We at Theledgerfix have our in house "Reward ‘n’ Recognition Awards".

As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, we help our employees progress at all levels.

Through comprehensive training and rigorous assessment, we ensure employees achieve their benchmark in relevant departments. For that we have entered into a contract with accountancy training companies and have internal management staff with the qualifications to do so. Through comprehensive training and rigorous assessment, we aim to help our clients understand that all employees have achieved their benchmark in relevant departments.